Nothing better than a country kitchen!

Old trends are returning and making another splash! A throwback to simpler times, retro kitchens tend to make use of bold colors. They also usually feature patterns such as stripes, zigzags, and checks. Many retro kitchens incorporate styles and ideas often seen in modern and contemporary designs as well, creating more of an updated feel.

Turn your cooking area into a vintage dream with a country kitchen. Sometimes referred to as “farmhouse” kitchens, these tend to convey a homey feel with old fashioned furniture that often appears well loved. Soft colors and rich wood tend to work best for this style to really give cooking areas that warm, classic country appearance.

Of course, these types of kitchens are just a starting point for you to jump off of. There are many other types of designs out there to take inspiration from as well. Deciding on what style you’d like your kitchen to take after can be a guide for what direction your remodel can go in. You shouldn’t compromise on anything you want; with the price, labor, and time involved in a remodel, the most important factor is that you love your new kitchen. Treating yourself to a layout, materials, and more that fit your vision will give you the remodel you’ve always dreamed of.

Sometimes homeowners forget that their cabinetry and hardware shape the look of their kitchens. From decorative hardware to stainless steel kitchen knobs, it’s important to match your furniture and wall color. Kitchens that are designed meticulously rather than thrown together will always make the heart of your home shine.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading. I’ll be posting more updates during the upcoming weeks.

Happy summer everyone!