How to find a Designer for Your Kitchen

02-kitchen-remodelingMany people choose to build their homes from the ground, instead of buying them already finished, because it gives them the possibility to create everything in the exact way that they like. Apart from the architect that makes their blueprints and the contractors that build the house, these people will also need an interior designer for creating and giving life to the interior of their house.

Only after this is made, will their house transform into a real home, a place that reflects their personalities and preferences. However, finding a designer is not so easy, and many people consider that they can do this part by themselves, as it’s easy to assemble some furniture and some carpets.

The truth is that it’s not so easy, and the work of a designer is more than just putting together pieces of furniture and other items. Because of this and because it’s a work that relies extremely on imagination and flair, getting the right interior designer for your house is essential, especially because they will get to design the places where you spend most of the time – the kitchen, the living room and every other important place that you have inside your house.

Let’s see how you can find the perfect designer for designing your kitchen, in just a few easy steps.

Ask the Architect

This is the first thing that you have to do, because generally the architects also have a team of people working in this domain, and it’s impossible not to have an interior designer or one that is specialised in kitchens. When you talk to the architect, ask them to also talk to the designer and to show you some photos of the completed projects.

If they don’t have someone on their team, they might be able to recommend you someone else.


The Internet

The internet offers you two possibilities – you could either go for an interior designer specialised in kitchens, or you could go for a company that creates custom made kitchens. Usually, the designer will only make you the blueprints and you will have to find someone else to create the items for you. If you choose a company that is specialised in this, you will also get the services of a designer and of those who create the cabinets. It’s the better choice, especially when you want there to be cooperation between the designer and the people who make the furniture for the kitchen.

The Discussion

When you do this, make sure you get to talk to the designer, as he or she needs to come over to your house and inspect the place where the kitchen will be. Depending on their availability to come over, you will see if they are interested in doing the project or not.

If they refuse to come and check the place, choose someone else, as you need someone who is interested in this, and not someone who postpones you until an unknown date.

The Design

When you ask for the design, make sure the designer respects your instructions. It’s natural to get advice on the things icon3that could be improved, but don’t let the designer do as he or she wants. In the end, it’s about your house and your kitchen – you will get to live there and you will be the one who enjoys the end results.

Other Details

Apart from this, also make sure that you get a quote for the entire project, before signing the contract, otherwise you could end up paying more than what you’ve bargained for. Set a timetable and make sure they respect it, and also ask for a written warranty for the entire project, no matter if you do the cabinets with them or the entire kitchen design.